These days, sewing your own dress appears to be the major trend. If you look around, you will find plenty of blogs and YouTube tutorials dedicated entirely to sewing. So are you all excited about tailoring something creative and designed after your own choice? You can always do it; you only have to make sure that you have the right home sewing tools in hand. Also, if you realize, sewing your own dresses can help you save up on a lot of money that would otherwise go into fancy boutiques. Here are a few essential home sewing tools for beginners.

Adjustable dress form

Every sewer should have a dress form. It allows for pattern adjustments before cutting, better fittings, and the ability to work fabrics. You can make it yourself ou you can buy fancy sewing manequinn


As a beginner, you can easily find it a daunting task to cut out the fabrics in the right shape and size. The task can appear even more humongous if you are not armed with the right pair scissors. So always make sure that you invest in a great pair of scissors. These should be comfortable to handle and should neatly cut through several layers in one go.

Measuring tape

When you are tailoring at home, it is important that you cut out accurate measures. You would not want your dresses to be too saggy or too clingy. So remember to get hold of a good measuring tape. You can either get the one with calibrations on one side or both the sides.


If you are not much acquainted with tailoring, you may feel that a sewing machine is the ultimate way to go. Well, not exactly. You will be required to use hand sewing with a needle and thread more than often. You can get hold of an entire set of needles of various shapes and sizes.


While stocking up on your home sewing tools, threads should be your first priority. Always use superior quality threads that give a long lasting. Also, try to collect a wide range of colors to suit various needs.

Water sprayer and iron

Iron is a must for achieving a super smooth finish with your garments. However, if you do not have a good hand at ironing, expect to falter a little here and there. That is exactly why you need an iron. Just spray a little mist over places that you have missed and you will be good to go.

6. Thimble and threader

A threader will allow you to thread the needles without any hassle while a thimble will keep you from hurting yourself. These two are a must to prevent little accidents when you are new to sewing.

7. Rulers

Rulers will help you to accurately draw outlines and achieve a clean cut. This can make your entire sewing process much easier and hassle free. It is a must in the list of home sewing tools for beginners.

8. Chalk

When you are marking your fabric, it is not practical to use ink pens. If you go wrong, these can spoil the entire fabric. So get chalks, these come in a wide range of bright shades and can easily be dusted or washed away.