Yoga plays an important role in lives of most of the people. With the entry of various other formats of exercise and dance styles, the prominence of yoga has declined but people are realizing the importance of yoga and its benefits as compared to other fitness regimes.

Yoga has evolved over the time and new styles and methods of yoga have been invented, anti-gravity yoga being one of them.


Aerial yoga is a way of yoga where you perform the asanas without touching the ground. A silk hammock is attached to the ground and you can perform different postures. It is a perfect blend of yoga, dance, and gymnastics. It was started in 1991 by the traditional teachers and has evolved a lot to shower various benefits on the person performing it.

However there are various do’s and don’ts while performing anti- gravity yoga.


1] Include aerial yoga in your fitness regime on a regular basis. It will not only add to the fun quotient but also increases your strength and flexibility.

2] Include this workout in your schedule if you are suffering from joint injuries, as the hammock will support your weight and the pressure on your joints will not be much. Thus this will help your joints to relax and at the same time, in spite of being injured, your fitness regime will not be affected.


1] Do not be scared of difficult postures. With a little practice, dedication, and the guidance of your mentor, you will be capable of performing even the most difficult posture.

2] Keep yourself hydrated before the workout and also stay hydrated after the workout.

3] do not wear the pants that are too long during the workout, the length of your pant should be up to the knee.

4] Do not wear any sort of footwear. Yoga needs to be performed barefoot and aerial yoga is no exception to this rule.

5] Never eat a heavy meal before practicing aerial yoga as having a heavy meal can make you feel light headed.

6] Aerial yoga should not be performed if you are pregnant.

7] do not stay in the inverted position for a too long period if you are suffering from high blood pressure. Also, bear in mind that you should increase the pace gradually. Do not overdo at any point in time. If, at all, while performing the posture you feel too much of pressure, then stop immediately.

8] You should not perform anti-gravity yoga if you have recently suffered an eye injury.

9] It is not your cup of tea if you suffer from vertigo. Consult a doctor before you enroll in the class.

If you always gear up to try new things, a method of yoga that is full of fun and benefits should be given a try for sure. With a little precaution and safety measures enroll you for aerial yoga and enjoy the benefits that it will bestow upon you.

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